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Its always good to greet. Greetings make us feel good and share our joy and happiness with our loved ones. Meeting friends and relatives and greeting each other had been the traditional way of celebrating our festivals, birthdays and any other happy occasions. The trend has changed and we seldom have time to meet one another during festivals and occasions. Here are the Free Greetings For All Occasions.

This site provides you a beautiful collection of greetings for many occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, July 4, Thanksgiving day, Hindu festivals, Muharram, Islamic New Year and festivals of all religions and countries for you to share for free via facebook, whatsapp, etc.

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"Greetings.pics" is the home of a great collection of greetings for many occasions. You could find here the Free Greetings For All Occasions not just related to festivals and important days of the year, but also greetings related to human feelings, love, sadness, self-confidence, motivational and inspirational greetings, feel better e-cards, etc.

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